November 19, 2017

Getting Started

Below you will find helpful information to help each of us maximize our time so that
services can quickly begin. You will also have a big picture plan for intervention. The guide
below should help answer any questions you have about getting started with speech and
language therapy services through Therapy Corps, PLLC.

Step 1:

Contact Therapy Corps, PLLC and discuss the needs of your loved one
regarding speech and language services. This is an important step as you want to make
sure Therapy Corps has an available spot for your loved one based on your availability.

Please verify that you are located within Therapy Corps’ service area (Austin, TX) and have a dialogue with
Therapy Corps to ensure that this relationship is a good fit for your loved one*.

Step 2:

Once your information is clear and you want to proceed with Therapy Corps,
PLLC contact your primary care physician’s referral coordinator and request that an
order/prescription be generated for speech therapy services and faxed to Therapy
Corps, PLLC at (844) 364-0163. The order can read something like “ST to evaluate and
treat for X” (List primary problem. Examples include, but are not limited to, Articulation
disorder, receptive and expressive language disorder, feeding mismanagement, hearing

Step 3:

Contact Therapy Corps, PLLC at 512-983-4620 to schedule services.

*To reduce the chances of having unexpected expenses, it is important to
contact your insurance company (unless you aren’t going through your insurance plan
and agree to a cash pay/fee per service arrangement). All insurance plans vary, so it’s
important to know exactly what your insurance company outlines regarding speech and
language therapy services. There are variances in deductibles, co-pays, number of
visits, exclusions to settings, etc. Contact your insurance company to learn coverage
and benefits for speech and language therapy.

Print out this document and use this as a guide to help you navigate verification of benefits. Write all information down and keep this form in a secure place
in case you need to reference it at a later date. It is recommended that you set aside around
30 minutes for this call to collect the needed information.