November 20, 2017


“Thank you for your hard work, commitment and talent. Your accomplishments are our triumph.” -J.Y. regarding the improvement observed with a loved one.

“I’m unbelievably excited at the progress she has been making recently. So grateful for you!” – K.M.

“Ashley is kind, creative, thoughtful and always flexible – important traits when working with young children!  She consistently kept our son’s speech therapy interesting and interactive – while pushing him to work hard in all his problem areas.  Ashley always went above and beyond her job description as a therapist – helping us prepare assessments for IEP meetings and suggesting next steps we could take outside of therapy.  She came prepared with new games and challenges – but always felt comfortable changing things up to follow the interests of our rambunctious 3 year old!” -Hannah G.

Hannah G and her son Joseph


As a nurse I highly recommend Ashley as a Speech Pathologist for children with speech, language, or feeding disorders! I have witnessed how Ashley developed a non-verbal baby from failure to thrive using a naso-gastric tube to a point of positive development. Ashley tightly focuses on the care and the needs of the individual using only the highest standard of care. Ashley’s ability to teach a family with a huge learning curve and language barrier amazed me! If I ever have a need for a speech therapist it will be Ashley, because she is always prompt, compassionate, and full of creativity to get the child where they need to be.” -Tyra P.


” “J” and I spent last night whispering “P’s” and he was so proud of himself for saying
things “the new way!”.  This morning he asked if you were coming back today and he
was [disappointed] to learn that he had to wait until tomorrow to see you again.
I am so grateful for the energy and enthusiasm you bring to speech therapy.  “J” is
typically a pretty shy kid with new people, but your relationship with him is off to a great start! He felt like a super star after you left yesterday. “K ” and I are so glad for our boy to be working with you!!
Thank you!” 
– Julie


“Ashley has worked with several infants and school-aged children in our program (Region 13). Her skill set and experience coupled with her caring nature and commitment to these children (her patients), their progress and her attention to the families’ concerns have yielded marked improvements for our students for improved speech and language.”  – Martha Rivera, M.A., CCC-A, Educational Audiologist, Region 13 Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

“What did you like LEAST about the presentation?”  response on survey: “That it ended.”  feedback from a presentation at The Texas Workforce Commission 2017 Child Care Teachers’ Symposium

“Ashley was such a blessing to have as a speech therapist for our preemie daughter. She helped her learn how to eat safely and would practice saying words with sign language (and speech).  Ashley would do her therapy sessions with songs and games to make it fun for my daughter and did not stress her out. My daughter even picked up a few sign language words and began to eat safely at a quick rate. Not only is Ashley a good therapist, but it is truly seen how much she cares for her patients as if they were her own child. She does this for the patients and not anything else. She is friendly, fun and wants only what’s best for the patient. As much as we miss seeing her, we know she is changing lives and helping others.” – Jessica F.